The End of the Writing Retreat

We have less than 48 hours left of the writing retreat. I’ve completed my self-imposed challenge of writing 20 blog posts (19 topical posts, plus an intro and conclusion, which I’m counting as one post) and I’m about ready to go home. I made the last official grocery store trip this morning (though I’m sure I’ll end up running out again to pick up one thing or another) and the food budget has been totaled. (We’re underbudget! Yay!)

There’s still quite a bit of food left in the kitchen, some of it staple food from our hurricane prep shopping trip, and I’m trying to use up as much of it as possible before we have to leave. I’ve told the students that they need to be shoving food down their mouth holes constantly for the next 24 hours, and then we’ll be good to go. Some stuff definitely won’t get eaten (three boxes of lasagna noodles, anyone?), and we’ll either send it home with some of the students who are being picked up or take it to a food bank.

As for me, I’m excited to get home. I’m still having fun, and I’m happy to be here for the next couple of days, but when that’s over I’m ready to get back to Asheville. This fall I’ve been to San Diego for the Wide Sky Days conference and then Vermont for Not Back To School Camp and then Blake’s mom’s house for a week and then this retreat. I’m ready to sleep in my own bed.

I just got back from checking out more cake books from the Hyannis library, and I’m pricing electric mixers for when I get home. I’m thinking that this blog will turn into a cake and pottery blog when I’m back in Asheville.

Thanks so much for reading.


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