French Macarons

So I’m still baking through the Bouchon Bakery cookbook that I got for Christmas, and this weekend I made French Macarons: sandwich cookies made of two puffy meringue based shells, with a French Buttercream filling. I think they were the most delicious thing I’ve baked so far: I served them to my housemates at our house meeting, and my friend Tara asked  me if they were made from crack.

To make French Macarons, first you make a paste of almond meal, powdered sugar, and egg whites.


Then you whip more egg whites with a pinch of sugar until they are light and fluffy.


Then you cook some sugar syrup to 248* F.


Then you combine the sugar syrup with the egg whites to make a meringue.


Then you mix some meringue with the almond paste, pipe the dough onto parchment paper, and bake. Then you make a French Buttercream, pipe onto one cookie and sandwich with a second. They look like this when they’re finished:


Some people say you should freeze the cookies in bubble wrap for a couple of days to let the flavor mature. These didn’t last that long.

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One thought on “French Macarons

  1. I think I have all those ingredients… I think I need to make some cookies…

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