Cream Puffs

I’ve been trying to bake another recipe from the Bouchon Bakery cookbook every weekend. This weekend I made cream puffs. They’re a little bit like filled doughnuts, except not fried and filled with pastry cream instead of bavarian cream or icing.

This cookbook recommends filling silicone molds with the dough and then freezing them so all your puffs are the same size. I didn’t have silicone molds, so I used muffin tins. I piped extra dough onto a cookie sheet and froze that as well.


This recipe also introduces another interesting variant: they recommend making small circular cookies from butter, brown sugar, flour, and almond meal that get placed on top of the puffs while they bake to create a sweet and crunchy top. Here’s a picture of the cookie disks after being rolled and cut:


Next I mixed the pastry cream, cooked it, and chilled it.


After the dough had frozen completely, I popped the puffs out of the muffin tin, placed them on the cookie sheet, and topped them them with the cookie disks.


When they came out they looked like this:


The small ones worked better than the ones in the muffin tins- they were so big that they collapsed in on themselves a little bit when I took them out of the oven. Finally, I filled them with pastry cream (plus a few with ice cream and a few with whipped cream).


They were a big success with both of my parents. I enjoyed the one with ice cream in it, but I found the pastry cream to eggy, as I often find custard based desserts. If I was to make these again, I would freeze them after baking and fill them with vanilla ice cream before freezing them again.

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4 thoughts on “Cream Puffs

  1. Those look delicious! I’m so enjoying these posts, thanks for sharing your baking journey.

  2. wow….I have the book too and am actually trying this recipe….what degree oven did you bake at?
    How thin did you roll the cookies to? Did you find freezing the choux paste increase the volume in the choux paste puffiness?

    • Eva-

      I can’t remember exactly what I did, but I followed the book to the letter. Never made cream puffs before, so I’m not sure about freezing them. Rolled them out to 1/8″, I think.

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