Peach Pie

My brother Logan turned 20 yesterday, and he requested that I make a pie for his birthday.  I bought some white peaches, which are definitely not in season here in North Carolina- I think they were imported from Chile. They were hard as rocks, but I stuck them in a brown paper bag with an apple and some avocados for a few days, and by the time I needed to make the pie they were ready to go.

I rolled out two pie crusts, and placed one in the pie dish.



I cut up the peaches and mixed them with sugar.IMG_4635


I collected the peach juice and reduced it in a small saucepan



I sliced the second crust into strips and made a lattice pattern.



I braided some dough scraps and adhered them to the crust with an egg wash.



Then I baked it on a pizza stone to make sure the bottom didn’t get soggy.


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One thought on “Peach Pie

  1. Cathie

    Beautiful Brenna! Excellent job!!! and

    Happy Birthday Logan!

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